Saturday trainings on Jahodna belong to Béreš


The first training rides on the Moris Cup Jahodná 2017 went without any major problems. At the first training was a short break due to the leaked oil of the French rider Almeras and Jirka Kubicek withdrew from the second training due to the disconnected cable. There was also a problem with the Polish driver of Dubai, who ripped the V-belt, but the second ride continued without any problems.

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Moris Cup Jahodná 2017 opened for Media representatives

The ninth year of Moris Cup Jahodná is almost at front of the door, so we would like to invite media representatives to this race as well. Whether journalists, cameramen or photo reporters.

Organizers from Auto Club Košice in cooperation with Moris Slovensko s.r.o.  prepared for the riders and fans the ninth year of Moris Cup Jahodná, which will take place the next weekend, on the 19th-21st. May 2017.