83 drivers entered for the 9th Moris Cup Jahodná


At the Jahodná near Košice, the ninth edition of the popular hill climb race Moris Cup Jahodná 2017 will take place. Signing up for the competition has been completed, so we can look at some statistics.

The Moris Cup Jahodna race is included in the FIA ​​Historic Car Championship (HHCC), the FIA International Cup (IHCC), the Slovak Hill Climb Championship (MSR), the Slovak Historic Hill Climb Championship (MSR-H), the Slovak Hill Climb Cup (SKP) and the Slovak Regularity Trophy of historical cars (ST HP). Even though this season's competition is not included in the Polish championship, the list includes up to 83 names of drivers  from eight European countries. Many of them will visit the track on Košická Jahodna for the first time!

25 drivers entered the FIA ​​HHCC Championship, 37 to the FIA ​​IHCC, 38 to the Slovak Championship, 6 to the Slovak Historic HC Championship, 6 to the Slovak HC Cup and 2 to the Slovak Regularity Trophy . These numbers are more than 83, for the sole reason that some of  entered drivers will start in several classifications. In addition to domestic drivers, racers from Poland, the Czech Republic, Austria, France, Italy, Croatia and Bulgaria will also arrive on the hill Jahodná, so the start-up list is really varied. And it will also be a variety of competitive vehicles. It contains most of the "formula" types in history of race. Among modern vehicles, we find them nine and among the historic vehicles seven other. Men such as Václav Janík, Dušan Nevěřil and Jiří Svoboda must know every fan of the hill climb races, as they are known throughout Europe. Also known are Uberto Bonucci, Jean-Marie Almeras, Marian Czapka, Giuliano Palmieri and many others who will start here.

This year, the number of drivers in Slovak hill climb cup dropped significantly. The reason is mainly that the safety requirements for drivers are almost equal in the championship and in the cup, so many drivers have decided to join the Slovak Championship. 

You can find a complete Entry list at the official site of pav.rallye.sk.

Zdenka Tamášová
Press Officer of Moris Cup Jahodná 2017