Moris Cup Jahodná 2017 opened for Media representatives

The ninth year of Moris Cup Jahodná is almost at front of the door, so we would like to invite media representatives to this race as well. Whether journalists, cameramen or photo reporters.

Organizers from Auto Club Košice in cooperation with Moris Slovensko s.r.o.  prepared for the riders and fans the ninth year of Moris Cup Jahodná, which will take place the next weekend, on the 19th-21st. May 2017.

The European historic peak of riders in the hill climb cup will be added to the competition, which will be completed by IHCC International Cup and Slovak drivers. The list of subscribers contains 83 names of riders from eight countries of Europe, so there will definitely be what to watch!

In the past days, the "Mediabook" document was published on web site, which is an annual part of the Moris Cup Jahodná presentation. This "Media Book" provides basic information about the race and the working conditions of journalists.

We would like to inform you that the movement of your own motor vehicle along the track will be possible during both competition days until 8:00 am. Other time, media representatives will be able to use the "Media Taxi", which they can take in a service car park or "stop" on the track.

The designated representative of the accredited media has  unlimited access in the service area, in the pre-start area behind the preparation line and on the track, except for restricted areas. Failure to obey the Marshall Call may result in withdrawal of accreditation.

Please read carefully the accreditation conditions and send an accreditation form filled in all points to Deadline for accreditation is set for May 18, 2017.

Zdenka Tamášová


Press Secretary Moris Cup Jahodná 2017