Winner of first day on Moris Cup Jahodná 2017 is Jozef Béreš


Beautiful sunny weather today welcomed drivers and fans on the first competitive day of the ninth race of Hill Climb Cup Moris Cup Jahodná 2017. The main competitions of today were the Slovak Championship, the Slovak Historic Vehicle Championship, the Slovak Hill Climb Cup and the Slovak Trophy of Regularity of Historic Vehicles. The absolute winner was Jozef Béreš on the formula vehicle Tatuus PY 012.

To the competition on the track between the Alpinka and the Jahodná recreation center, 75 racing cars were taken, of which we saw almost all. Only the riders who collect points in the FIA ​​Championship of the Historic cars and the FIA ​​International Cup did not start and they leaved the training forl tomorrow morning. The fastest rider on the track today was Jozef Béreš even though his vehicle did not work at 100 percent.


"I basically got used to the car, but those settings that worked in Poland did not work here at all and we had to work hard. I was very good from the morning, I was a bit nervous about the last ride, because in the second turn the car stopped going. I switched on the second pump, which held up the whole track, but the car stopped working right after finish line. But I'm in the finish, I'm the first one, I like it, "Béres said.



On the second place, Igor Drotár arrived at Škoda Fabia R5, who had seen the finish for the first time this season and became the fastest driver in Category 1. Even his ride was not completely trouble-free. "In the second ride, the temperature of the water went up, but we managed to get some way to the finish. I basically can not race with the Formula, so I'm happy of winning in metal cars. I picked up enough of the points I missed from the beginning of the year. I hope the card has turned and everything will work ". On the third place in absolute order, the Slovakian pair joined Polish driver Dubai on the Mitsubishi Lancer Berg Monster. A beautiful fourth place was won by Bulgarian Lyuben Kamenov on the Mitsubishi Lancer and Karel Trněný finished fifth with Škoda Fabia WRC.


Preteky v nedeľu pokračujú druhým súťažným dňom, v ktorý si diváci budú môcť vychutnať ďalšie historické skvosty a spolu s nimi aj rýchle formulové vozidlá kategórie 2. Súťaž bude pozostávať z jednej tréningovej jazdy a dvoch súťažných jázd.


Sunday races continue on the second day of competition, where viewers will be able to enjoy other historical gems and with them also fast formula vehicles of category 2. The competition will consist of one practice and two heats.