Saturday trainings on Jahodna belong to Béreš


The first training rides on the Moris Cup Jahodná 2017 went without any major problems. At the first training was a short break due to the leaked oil of the French rider Almeras and Jirka Kubicek withdrew from the second training due to the disconnected cable. There was also a problem with the Polish driver of Dubai, who ripped the V-belt, but the second ride continued without any problems.

The fastest times in both training sessions were performed by Jozef Béres on the Tatuus PY 012. He was even faster than Václav Janík on the M20FC Norma, which was probably just warming up and dating the track. Better times than last year have also reached Igor Drotár on his Škoda Fabia R5, so we have a lot to look forward to in the competition. They are starting already in these minutes.


Výsledky 1. tréningová jazda
1. Jozef Béreš, Tatuus PY 012
2. Igor Drotár, Škoda Fabia R5
3. Uberto Bonucci, Osella PA9/90

Výsledky 2. tréningová jazda
1. Jozef Béreš, Tatuus PY 012
2. Václav Janík, Norma M20FC
3. Uberto Bonucci, Osella PA9/90

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