We introduce you the FIA Historic Hill Climb Championship

For less than a month, on the May 18-20, the tenth annual car race will take place on Jahodná Hill - MORIS CUP. In addition to the domestic championships, the competition counts already for eight years into the FIA ​​International Hill Climb Cup and six years to the FIA ​​Historic Hill Climb Championship. In the following lines, we will introduce you this top FIA Championship.

FIA Historic Hill Climb Championship is announced by the FIA. The championship consists of at least six and the maximum of 12 competitions. In the 2018 season, there are exactly 12 competitions in seven European countries - one competition in Austria, Poland and Croatia, two competitions being held in Slovakia (Moris Cup and Dobšinský kopec), in the Czech Republic and Slovenia and three races in Italy.

The specialty of the championship is that there is not declared one absolute champion, but five champions in five categories according to the period covered by the historic cars according to their age. Every car that starts in this championship must have a Historic Technical Passport (FIA HTP) and must comply with the strict regulations listed in the Appendix K of the FIA International Sporting Code.

Every competitor must be the holder of an international driver's license and driveing license. In order for the title to be included in the year-round classification, it must complete at least 5 competitions, of which at least 3 are abroad. The calendar of this historical series is divided into two halves of the season. For each semester, the total number of results minus one is counted. The results of each half of the season count at the end and determine the winners.

In addition to the five FIA ​​champions, the FIA ​​HHC Nations Cup winner will be announced. Each ASN nominated its team of at least three drivers in three different categories. The winner is the country with the highest number of points, all results being counted.

Participation of drivers in the HHCC Championship on Moris Cup Jahodná raises every year. While 2013 was on Entry list 11, in the year 2017 it was 22 drivers. Overall 35 drivers from six countries started on this hill in FIA historic classification. For some of them it was the first start, but most of them were a multiple start on this event. Not one race was missed by Polish driver Marian Czapka on his Porsche 928 and Czechs drivers Petr Tykal on the Easter Formula MTX 1-03 and Vladimír Koničar on BMW 2002 Ti. We believe that they will continue in this tradition. Also frequent entrants are Jean-Marie Alméras (Porsche 935) and Michel Pratlong (Huron FP1 Formula Ford) from France, Josef Michl (Porsche 911SC) and Aleš Gansdorfer (Formula Easter MTX 1-03) from Czech republic and Jurgen Pachteu 650 TR) from Austria.

The fastest time between historic vehicles was set by Petr Tykal in 2013 at 2: 23,980. This time in five years of the Moris Cup Jahodná he reduced by four seconds. Very similar times were reached on this hill also by other racers. An exception is only record holder Uberto Bonucci of Italy, who plaque breaks records of all tracks with his historic Osella PA 9/90. His best time from last year's Moris Cup Jahodná is worth 1: 57,410.

The FIA ​​Historic Hill Climb Championships would theoretically be regarded as world championships, as there is no  greater series of historic vehicles. That's one of the reasons why Moris Cup Jahodná is so interesting and popular. Because we have a chance to see cars that we do not care about, and certainly a delight for lovers of historical specials.

Zdenka Frývaldská
Press Officer of Moris Cup Jahodna 2018