Ten Years of Moris Cup Jahodná from the perspective of representatives of Moris Slovakia s.r.o.

Only one month remains till the start of the jubilee 10th Hill Climb Cup Moris Cup Jahodná! As we are all curious about this year's news, but also about the possibility of continuing the organisation of this competition, we have "matured" the managers of Moris Slovakia s.r.o., Ing. Rastislav Eliaš and Ing. Marek Eliaš.

 It was in 2009 when you decided to organize the first year of Moris Cup Jahodná together with Auto Klub Košice. Do you remember how this first race was being prepared?

We prepared the first year with the enthusiasm of the new idea, as the hill climb cup has until now never been in Košice and everything was new for us. There were 48 drivers at the start, which is more than a third of the participants compared to the strongest race, and this success has encouraged us. The first day of the race we had not the best weather, but everything went well above expectations and we were encouraged to prepare next years. That in the third year of the competition we managed to get into the international FIA International Hill Climb Challenge and FIA European Hill Climb Cup , is proof that we have done good work from the beginning.

Nine years are behind us. Which one is the most memorable for you?

There was a lot of exciting racing moments, but we remember the most dramatic circumstances of the second year, when Košice and the surrounding area were affected by strong floods. Despite the race started, it had to be suspended due to a constantly worsening flood situation. By the starting fee we supported the most affected villages and that year ended by this non-traditional form.

Do you remember a vehicle that was really interesting to you?

We are faithful to our brands - so clearly ŠKODA 110 R of driver Fero Oravec and Audi Sport Quattro, which a few years ago used Jozko Bereš.

How was the cooperation with Auto Club Košice?

From the very beginning, we entered the project with a common goal - to build internationally recognized race, which will be an attraction not only for drivers but also for all racing fans here in our region. That has made us a perfectly functional team with a precise division of tasks on both sides, so cooperation has been running and is running without complication and we know that we can rely on each other, which is very important in organization of such a demanding event.

At first you thought about extending the track, why did it not happen?

The most attractive part of the Jahodná road is also the race track and the drivers get the most out of it, which of course is also attractive for the spectators. However, the safety of the race is still the first, and since the stretch of the road must meet demanding criteria in terms of maintenance, quality of the asphalt, or sufficient guarding, we decided to leave the competition part of the original length, but prepared and secured to the maximum.

Have your expectations been fulfilled?

Certainly, we have managed to build an established event that has successfully entered the European racing series. Actually, this is a world championship, as higher competition is not existing. We have combined our passion for cars with the promotion of motor sport, and I think we have also enjoyed a large number of spectators who - as they say - instead of blood circulates in their veins oil, while the race of the world format we brought them literally to the front of the house.

The tenth year will soon be behind us, what are your plans with this competition? Ten and enough, or are we going further?

At our very first meeting with the Auto Klub, we said we would organize ten years and then we will see. The preparation of the event is challenging not only in organizational but also in financial terms, so planning is postponed for the period after the event.

How will the tenth year be exceptional? What can spectators expect?

In addition to the top drivers, we will again introduce some cult vehicles from our German partner MTM and this time the spectators can enjoy the true legend. We are preparing a rich program for both small and large audiences in the Alpinka resort, coupled with an accompanying event that is still a surprise. We would also like to boost public transport to the start of event, and if the organizational capabilities of the race allow, we would be able to offer to a winner in the lottery of the spectators the opportunity to sit in one of the pre-drivers car - but we still cannot yet promise at 100%.

Zdenka Frývaldská
Press Secretary Moris Cup Jahodná 2018