Norma and Osella for Jahodna allready

After the Austrian Rechberg and the Polish Zaluz, the third race of the Slovak Hill Climb Championship will be the race  Moris Cup Jahodná 2017. The first domestic event will take place soon, on May 19 - 21, 2017, on a track of 4 750 meters.

The race between Alpinka and the Jahodná recreation center is known for its diversity. Start and the first half of the track is on a wide track where you need to find the right track for a quick ride. The other half of the track is narrow and more treacherous and is located in the forest section. However, the track will be a little new this year for everybody. After the excavation of the trees, which in the past after the winds and intense rains fell on the track and destroyed the rafts, changed its character. The drivers have opened sections that  previously has been unclear, and have radically changed visitors conditions when several secure viewing places have been created on the ribbed hills.

Moris Cup Jahodná is also this year  included in two international series. The first is the FIA ​​Historic Hill Climb Championship, which is the highest competition in Europe in the races of historical specs. The second series is the "Cup"  made for modern hill specials, including the FIA ​​International Hill Climb Cup (IHCC).

Thanks to this competition we will meet not only a number of fast drivers and interesting vehicles, but also a number of important officials from all over Europe. The FIA eligibility delegates  ​​will be Domenico Cifaldi from Italy, which is a specialist for historic cars and Englishman Jonathan Crook for modern vehicles. The FIA ​​observer will be Roderick Parkin also from England. Sports rules will be supervised by Miroslav Nezval from the Czech Republic, Wolfgang Mika from Germany and Boris Kočergin from Slovakia. Jaroslav Vadoc is nominated by SAMS as a ASN safety delegate. The most responsible  role, the Clerc of the Course is traditionally taken over by Ľubomír Šimko.

The entry list is slowly filling by the known names of drivers, mainly from abroad. We are already looking forward for  drivers from Czech republic - Václav Janík and Jiří Svoboda, who are the biggest attraction for the spectators because they bring two Norma M20FC to the race. In addition, Václav Janík has been one of the winners of the FIA ​​IHCC series since 2012, and he also confirms his qualities every year on Jahodná track. Other plaques are signed by Richard Meixner, Dušan Nevěřil (both Norma M20FC) and Petr Vítek (Osella PA30). It must be acknowledged that although the list contains only 21 names, these vehicles indicate beautiful fights and "spectacle" for the fans. And we have not yet mentioned the wonderful historical vehicles we will see on the Jahodna. The closing date for entries is in one week, on Wednesday May 10th.
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Zdenka Tamášová
Press Officer Moris Cup Jahodná 2017