Historical treasures will be presented on the Jahodná

As we have mentioned many times, the Morris Cup Jahodna 2017 is included in the FIA ​​Historic Hill Climb Championship this year. Let's take a closer look at who can compete in this championship.

The FIA ​​Historic Hill Climb Championship is the highest series of the FIA - ​​ Federation Internationale de l´Automobile  for sporting historic cars in hill climb racing.

Historical vehicles are divided into five categories and each category is divided into several classes according to the engine volume. Each competition vehicle is categorized according to its age and type approval. There are 20 periods starting from the first "A" period before 1.1.1905 to the "Z" period from 1.1.1991 until two years before 1.1. of the current year. Any vehicle that competes in international historic motorsport must have a technical passport for a historic vehicle, HTP, issued by the FIA ​​on a proposal from a national association. Each driver must have an international driver´s and competitor´s license. The exact specifications of authorized vehicles and their modifications are published in the FIA ​​regulations.

It is slightly easier to divide historic vehicles in Slovak national regulations, which only apply to races placed in the Slovak Championship in the races of historic cars uphill. Vehicles are categorized as HK1 - HK3 by body type and period, and then into classes according to engine volume. These vehicles must have a valid FIA historical vehicle's  passport or national vehicle's historical passport.

Historical vehicles that we encounter on the race  track are often of immense historical value. Many have gone through several years of development. We are very excited to see the FIA ​​HHCC championship in Jahodna for the fifth time. Even thanks to this classification, the track near Košice will visit many drivers from various parts of Europe. From a total of thirteen champions in the FIA ​​Championships for the last four years, we should see  eight of them at the Jahodna.

For example, a multiple champion of 5th category, Petr Tykal, will be introduced with MTX 1-03, to be chased by his last year's overtaker  Ondřej Chytil on a similar vehicle. In Category 3, we should see all four drivers who made last year's "tables" and fought for every single point. They are France's Jean-Marie Alméras on his red Porsche 935, Austrian Gerald Glinzner on the silver Porsche 911 Carrera and two other Czech drivers Jiří Kubíček (Škoda 130 RS) and Lukáš Matušek (Škoda 130 RS). The Porsche 911 Carrera, but from another "age category", will also be presented by Czech driver Josef Michl (2014 FIA champion) and FIA champion of category 2, Italian Giuliano Palmieri.

We can not forgive even the drivers in category 4, where we initially looked at Austrian match by Reinhard Sonnleitner (VW Rallyegolf) and Werner Windsteig (Citroen AX), but it is likely that Italian Walter Marelli will also speak on their Lucchini SN 88. We will mention another names after the closing of entries, which is already on Wednesday, May 10th.

Zdenka Tamášová
Press Officer of Moris Cup Jahodná 2017