FIA and SAMŠ approved Supplementary regulations of the event

Already in two months come an event of a Hill Climb series that is familiar across Europe. The event, which each year gaining more popularity among drivers and spectators and that is truly unique - Moris Cup Jahodna 2017.

In 2008, members of Auto Club got the idea to organize a race near Kosice that would have addressed the Motorsports fans and it would not be the rally. This idea was supported by the company Moris Slovakia Ltd. and they jointly created a hill climb rece named Moris Cup Jahodna. No one then knew how long will last cooperation and we do not know to say even now. However, we know that this year will come to the series for the ninth time, which will be held May 19 to 21 2017 and we hope that next year we will celebrate a joint anniversary.

Moris Jahodna Cup 2017 will be the third event of this year's FIA International Hill Climb Cup (IHCC) and the second event of the FIA ​​Historic Hill Climb Championship (HHCC). The competition will be of course included on the Slovak HC Championship and Slovak Historic HC Championship and Slovak Hill Climp Cup and in Slovak Historic Regularity Trophy. Unchanged remains the headquarters location, which will be located in the Sport and recreation resort Jahodná, where will also be the service park. Track from Alpinka to Jahodna is long 4750 meters and unusual is in that the service is located after the finish. Competing cars must therefore come together before each heat to the start of track and after their race, they drive directly into service.

Race schedule is traditionally divided into three days. The Friday midday will run the administrative checks and technical scrutineering, on the evening will take place briefing of the drivers. On Saturday, they are prepared two training and two race heats and on Sunday one training and two race heats.

Organizer of the hill climb competition MORIS CUP Jahodná 2017 published Supplementary regulations, which were approved by SAMŠ and also by FIA during last days.

Supplementary regulations for HHCC and IHCC are published in the "Documents".

Entry started on the official SAMŠ website or 

Zdenka Tamášová
Press Officer of Moris Cup Jahodná 2017